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Where are the True Moral Leaders?

The biggest problem is that power corrupts, and it’s not limited to just the United States! In many countries it can be much worse. Many are privileged in non-obvious ways. It comes with being a public servant, but also with any position of power over others. Due to the# MeToo movement we are finally seeing some kick back on the harassment front.

moral leaders

Bosses can be real bullies, sometimes without even realizing it. Without a concerted effort to not be a bully we so often fall back on “they way we were raised”, or “the way it’s always been done”. I believe we will see a shift in our society where women will step up and carry the torch. They will step into those positions of authority and hold a higher standard until men start to come to the realization of what is happening, and the bigger picture. It’s already happening in news organizations in the United States but that is just a tip of the iceberg.

Women in power positions, in my experience, generally are better moral leaders, but they can become corrupt too. It’s the human element we cannot change...power corrupts. We must strive for a higher standard everywhere in the moral fiber of our society. It is not just the elite.

Drug dealers and cartels wield their power the same way. Law enforcement officials do the same. It is not all leaders, but there are the rare few that have their moral standards in place and uphold the moral fiber of a greater power, even when no one is looking. There needs to be more of us taking a stand for the morality issues even when they are surrounded by corruptness. This is what good leadership is all about.

It is time for all leaders to stop demanding or accepting exhorbitant compensation agreements just because they have proven they can make an organization record profits. It is high time real leaders step up and hold themselves to a higher standard as a role model for all.

Warren Buffett was recorded as taking an extremely modest salary while leading Berkshire Hathaway to record gains. His modest $324,000 compared to leaders of equal stature with pay in the $6 million range. The Economist refers to Manmohan Singh, the prime minister of India, as one of the most modest of politicians, taking one of the lowest compensations of all world leaders, in line with the country’s average GDP.

Some of this can be kept in check if leaders realized their moral obligation by treating every person from vice-president or the C-Suite down to the cleaning crew who earn a minimum wage. The answer is treating people at every level with dignity and respect. If leaders show compassion and act as role models perhaps those in similar roles at lower levels within the organization will do the same.

Who has experienced an out of touch elite executive suite? We need more moral leaders to make this country great again we need the leaders of our corporations and our countries to lead by example and show empathy for every other human being.

Who is with me about this travesty we are seeing? I know there are many that feel the same but when the time comes and you are in a position to make a difference will you be the moral role model, setting aside greed, even when no one is looking? I would like to hear from you if you are one, or know one that should be recognized.

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