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Take Your Leadership Development
To The Next's how...

  • Effective coaching, training & development for "people managers".

  • Training followed by coaching insures action-oriented improvement.

  • Managing people is key to successful leadership; A leader's job gets done through others.

  • Most managers were good at their previous job but never trained to manage people.

  • Leadership training testimonials provide reassurance of some of our satisfied trainees. 

  • Proven methods of coaching and participant-centered training are practical, creative, and highly effective.

  • A blended approach to learning is sure to keep all learners engrossed in microlearning.

  • A refreshing change from traditional teaching or lectures.

  • Customized learning content addresses the specific needs of your organization.

For more than 30 years Don Johnson has experience leading effective leadership skills training and addressing organizational change. Leadership coaching (and staff coaching) has been his focus for several years with proven results in organizational performance. Coaching as a process combined with consistent microlearning assures long-term retention of learning for organizational change that sticks. Establishing trust through building a coaching and feedback culture is not a one-time event, but we can leave your organization with the tools to help you continue the process.

His practical experience has been in the fields of Management, Manufacturing, Safety, Sales, Marketing, Advertising, Media, Training, People Development, Human Resources, and Social Services.

He has worked with companies from small businesses to giant corporations.  He has worked in a myriad of industries such as Manufacturing, Media, Financial, Retail, Medical, Government and Tribal.


General training topics include:  (Specific topics customized or created upon request)

  • Myers-Briggs Teambuilding & Communication

  • Coaching for Performance Improvement

  • Avoiding and Resolving Conflict

  • Creating the Customer Experience / Exceeding Expectations

  • Avoiding Harassment / Embracing Diversity

  • Leadership for the Bottom Line

  • Inspiring Productivity

  • Stepping up as a Leader / Effective Talent Management and Trust Building

  • Empowerment for Strategic Sales

  • New Supervisor Skills

  • The Compassionate Leader

  • Building Effective Teams

  • Creating a Safety Culture

  • Exceptional Telephone Etiquette

  • Who's Got Your Back? / Effective Documentation and Discipline

  • Mandated Reporter Training

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