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Accountability Training

A few years ago, I volunteered to provide training for an employer group. It was for the managers coming off the floor and I was given one hour. I had to consider within that hour I would be introduced, I would build a rapport with the attendees, and they would evaluate my presentation. Well, I thought to myself, that gives me about 45 minutes to get my message across.

Then came the hardest news of all. I had to come up with a training topic that would be of interest and helpful to managers that was not already presented by eleven other professional presenters. They had presented Communicating through stress, Colorful Personalities, Personal Branding, Stress Management, Who Moved My Cheese, Coaching and Mentoring, Positivity and Purpose, Networking, First Impressions, Communications, and Taking Constructive Criticism.

Wow, I thought. What topics does that leave me with that would be intriguing to a group of managers that had already been through all these training sessions. It had to be important to every manager. My thoughts went right to two options. Resolving Conflict or Accountability.

Then there was that 45-minute time limit that made me think that I had a lot of material on Conflict Resolution. Could I narrow it down to 45 minutes and still make my key points? Well, I thought about how often managers get to hear what accountability is and why it is so important to an organization.

“Accountability” it is then!

I started researching the cases of harassment that this industry was experiencing and realized there was a connection between lack of accountability and all the harassment being reported by the EEOC. There were many different cases of discrimination and harassment in this particular industry that needed to be addressed by early accountability. Organizations were being affected by lowered morale, lawsuits, EEOC fines and other repercussions. It made sense that Accountability would help this industry and possibly avoid the need for as much conflict resolution.

Here are some of the attendee training responses. I hope I made a difference. It sure seems like I did.

What did you like most about this training?:

  • Excellent Topic and Great Ideas

  • Like the positive approach to encourage employees

  • The way it was presented. Very clearly explained.

  • I feel inspired.

  • It was a great guide for morale.

  • Liked finding ways/steps to help my co-workers be more accountable. As the team thrives and improves so do I.

  • Ideas on the importance of ownership.

  • The difference between accountability and ownership.

  • The importance of attitude in the workplace.

  • Good topic. Learned a lot about what not to do and how to motivate people.

  • Made me feel I was already heading in the right direction. Also highlighted areas I need to improve and focus on. A great wealth of information I can apply in my position.

  • Very well thought out and got me thinking about my current work situation. Kept the audience engaged, and really enjoyed the topic. Would love to see him come back again soon.

  • Liked the purpose and intent of the training. Wish more supervisors would attend as a lack of accountability tends to be a recurring issue.

  • In-depth knowledge about accountability and handling staff.

  • Great speaker, Understood presentation very well. Got some great ideas that will be put into play with staff.


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