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A Green Thumb Can Improve Worker Productivity

Yes, a green thumb produces good workers through nurturing and growth! Huh?

Every living thing thrives on nurturing. Plants need nurturing to grow lush and full. Can people do the same?

Consider the fact that when plants are neglected they will wither and drop leaves. They will not grow to their full potential if they are not nurtured with proper care. Regular watering, nutrients, good soil, and enough natural light provide a good productive environment for a plant(s) to thrive. Too much water, too much exposure to heat or cold, or soil that is

too sandy or hard will hinder the health of the plant(s). Some plants have different needs.

Some plants like more or less water, different types of soil, different amounts of shade or sun and can take a great deal of nurturing or minimal nurturing, depending on how fragile or resilient they are.

Does any of this sound like managing people? It is clear to see that nurturing plants to thrive at their best takes great care and nurturing. Different plants have different needs just like different people. Much like managing people, plants need individual attention to thrive while at the same time creating an environment that allows for their unique needs to be met.

Yes, balancing all the different needs of plants in a garden or people on a team can be complicated. Nurturing can make them both thrive to maximize their productivity.

The opposite is also true. When we don’t nurture plants there are many people who will tell you they suffer and become wilted. I personally know people who tell me plants don’t do well under their care. Are those people the ones you would trust with your workforce?

It’s possible for managers to be good nurturers with their people and not plants because of their personal priorities but don’t let them tell you they can’t keep plants alive. They just chose their priorities differently.


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