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Don Johnson, Principal & Key Associate

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Don has worked with IBM, Scripps Clinic, Gannett and Knight-Ridder corporations, as well as with medium and smaller organizations. He received his Bachelor of Science degree from Elmira College and received a Masters Diploma in Business Advertising from the San Jose State University School of Journalism and Mass Communication. 

Don is a certified Trainer, Cognitive Behavior Therapy Practitioner, Coach, and Myers-Briggs Practitioner.  He has also received certification in Human Resources Management and Supervisory Management from the University of Nevada, Reno. He completed Nevada OSHA’s Health and Safety Practitioner certification and an Employee Engagement certification with The Employee Engagement Group. 


He has been invited as a presenter and speaker at colleges, national and public seminars, and presented at the Annual Talent Development and Employee Engagement Conference.

Owner/Operator, Don Johnson has a diverse background in human resources, training, management, sales, marketing, advertising, business development, media, social services, and supervisory coaching.


His supervisory workshop series was developed and implemented in 2011 with rave reviews. He then established a compliance-driven training and employee development culture and a website and social media pages to increase organizational outreach efforts.

Don owned his own Advertising, Marketing, and Sales company and has worked in the non-profit and not-for-profit sectors, and with government institutions and private industry.

He believes that life-long learning is at the crux of every successful career.


He is a graduate of Leadership 2000 (San Diego) and Leadership Carson City and served on the marketing committee for Leadership Long Beach. He has attended corporate, private, and university classes throughout his career in all areas of interest and believes we should never stop learning.


Don has served as a board member in several different capacities and served as president for two of the boards. He served on the judges panel for the National Newspaper Association of America’s Best in Advertising Contest.  He served on the board for Chambers of Commerce, numerous child advocacy organizations, and as an advisor for Junior Achievement for a student start-up business through the school year and saw it through to liquidation. 

ManageYourStaff is primarily a one-man operation partnering with other professionals as necessary. Experienced in workforce engagement, staff, and supervisory coaching (individual and group coaching) both virtually and in-person can be advantageous to any organization trying to improve performance and affect the bottom line. Coaching cultures take a lot of persistent effort but are well worth it. Follow ManageYourStaff on LinkedIn, Facebook, or Twitter for leadership and supervisory tips!


Don has a diverse background in digital media, HR, training, sales, marketing, management, and safety.  Don has experience in several industries including financial, media, and Tribal government. He provides leadership in transforming businesses to improve their bottom line through performance-driven results.

There is a gap between employee engagement and people management skills in most organizations.  Don is here to help bridge that gap by bringing supervisors up to speed in engaging their staff through proven methods, resulting in improved performance of the entire organization.