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Why not terminate the jerk?

Okay, you are frustrated. You have tried everything from giving them an ultimatum to sending them to training of how to be nicer. Nothing is working!

We have all had a jerk in the office that, while they seemed like a great hire, turned out to be a royal jerk. There may be many reasons for this but, quite frankly, we really don't care why anymore. We just want to fire them and be done with it.

Is that your best option? If you decide you can't afford to hire a consultant to help you deal with this "one employee" issue consider all the costs to your workforce.

So you end up firing the jerk.

What you didn't realize is that he had made a few friends at work. They are now starting rumors and that is going to affect morale. They are worried if they are next on the chopping block. With morale taking a dip so is productivity. And what about the high cost of turnover? If we don't learn how to change our management style we could be costing our organization a lot in turnover of this employee and others.

Until you hire someone to take his/her place the remaining staff will have to pick up the slack and work harder to do it. All the while resentment about the move could be building. Did you address the staff about it after it happened. Did you offend anyone in the process.

Is it them or YOU?

There are a lot of questions to ask but all you may be focused on is that you did the company and the other employees a favor. But is this really about them or is it about you. As the supervisor that had to put up with the jerk and manage them

it probably seemed like the right move. But maybe you could have been more resilient.

So, you sent the employee to a training about using tact and treating others with respect. Let me remind you that personality can't just be changed by training. If they were brought up in an environment that was similar their actions are normal to them, not out of the ordinary. Had you considered that? Probably not. All you could think of is that is not they way you were raised and you weren't going to force other staff to put up with that behavior.

Ask us a question for free!

There are many other ways to be able to deal with this situation and have the person(s) change so things are not so out of control. Learning to manage people with compassion and caring and changing attitudes is part of the big picture of what we do at Manage Your Staff. Call, text or email for a free consultation or just to ask a question. It's your chance to improve your team performance and improve productivity and your bottom line.

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